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Blood & Gourd Issue #2 (.PDF & .CBZ)

Blood & Gourd Issue #2: "Escape from Henderson Farms"

The follow up to the award winning debut, this comic book will melt your eyes and make your Halloween terrifyingly terrific.

Both the .pdf and .cbz versions are included.

Not convinced you want to trade your corporate sponsored government survival tickets for this comic book? Check out just a couple reviews from around the web:

Farid from The Geekiary:

"The writers, Jenz K. Lund and D.H. Shultis, did an amazing job. The whole issue’s fast-paced with deaths occurring left and right. I also have to talk about the impressive art by Juan Antonio Ramirez. He definitely knows how to bring the gore. The colors are bright and vibrant. So, thanks to Fran Gamboa for that."

Casey from Don't Forget a Towel:

"Issue two starts right up where the last one leaves off, but it also adds to the mythology behind the gore-riffic gourds. In this issue, it goes back to the origins of these problematic pumpkins and you learn more about their curse. This backstory is one of the best things about the issue and really gets you more invested in the world."

1 PDF and 1 CBZ
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